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We envision a world in which people with disabilities and atypical people are seen and accepted and whose contributions to society are valued and included. As change makers, we believe people who are uniquely-abled deserve a wider voice in society and the media. By telling their stories, we hope to promote a more inclusive society.


We think that making the world a more connected and open place for people with disabilities is essential because everyone deserves to be seen and heard. Do you have an experience or journey you would like to share? The Unique & Able Project wants to hear from you. 

The Unique & Able Project is located in New York City, but our stories come from around the world. We work to promote the concept of what many of us already know – that people with disabilities are unique and able and are contributing to society in valuable ways. Feel free to contact us directly or using this form. We're here to connect. 

Patrice LoCicero, CEO and President

(917) 952-4746

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